Since electronics became accessible to everyone, magazines start delivery enormous quantity of DIY KIT of many  different types of electronics board.

There was micro-spies made with a carbon microphone that send the audio through the AM or FM radio frequency, there was the mini LEDs dice made with few LEDs, there was tone-adjustable sirens, there was amplifiers and so on.

Who loves electronics remembers these board in KIT. There was so nice because you were able to make somethings awesome with your hands. Somethings to show to your friends who, maybe, didn’t know nothing about electronics and they perhaps called you “magician” 🙂

And this boards allowed you to learn many many things on electronics, as well as they allowed you to become more practical in welding.

In this way, in order to allow you to revive this beautiful-vintage-old-fashioned electronics, I made THT.

THT is the new member of the KeyChainino’s family made with the same number of LEDs and push-buttons of KeyChainino. It is made for who wants to learn all the beautiful stuff that you can learn with KeyChainino (charlieplexing, timer interrupt, watchdog, power-saving, etc etc) and, first, for who want to learn or improve his soldering skill.

THT is sold in KIT with all the components you need to make your own vintage KeyChainino with your hands to put directly on your keychain.

Don’t waste your time if you don’t want to get your hands dirty! 😛

Otherwise, check out THT here:

And here you can find the guide to make it possible: