Every time I make a new project on Arduino, it always ends with an Arduino, lot of wires and a breadboard that i can’t move from my tables.

How many times this happens to you and your projects?

If the answer is always… well, I think you are not really satisfied.

When I have an idea to do with Arduino, I can’t sleep at nigh because my brain run fast to solve a sketch problem or to design some electronics parts. After many sleepless nights, finally I solved all the project’s problems and it works! 😀

How do you feel when, finally, you have solved all your problems and your projects runs very well? I can’t describe how I feel happy.

It’s some feeling that nobody can knows unless they try it.

Yeah, it’s exactly that feelings!

But wait.

Perhaps I see: my table, Arduino, a breadboard and lot of wires.

Again: your table, Arduino and lots of wires.

That feeling is too sad.

You have make something awesome, but is still there, in your table!

I know that feeling, so I have design KeyChainino, where your game is right on your keychain, in your pocket!

Now you can show your awesome game or hack to your friends 😀

I have just wrote the scrolling text sketch!

Watch the video and tell me what do you think!

P.S. KeyChainino is available here, only few pieces available!

What happens to your Arduino projects?
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