KeyChainino V1 & THT Sketches

Here some sketches developed for KeyChainino V1 (30 LEDs) and for THT!

You can find all the sketches in this GitHub directory.


Arkanoid-like game

In this game a ball just bouncing on the screen and you need to move the paddle – with the two buttons – to prevents the ball from falling from the playing field.


The aim of the game is moving the snake around on the LED display trying to eat the food that blinks.
Use the two buttons in order to change the snake’s head direction clockwise or counter clockwise.
Pay attention to the other snake’s pieces:
Every two foods eaten, the snake increases itself! Don’t eat yourself! 😀

Tap in time

This game was made by Riccardo Michele Licciardello

The aim of this game is to push the correct button when a random falling “note” arrives at the last lines of the LEDs matrix


Walled game

The goal of this game is to move the “man” (a dot) inside the walls’s gates that coming down from the top of the screen.
The walls speed increase every ten walls spawned.

San Valentine Sketch

This Sketch shows “Happy San Valentine’s day” and next blink the heart 🙂

Scrolling Text

This Sketch shows your text in the KeyChainino LEDs matrix.

Just change the string “phrase” in the sketch with your own to make this happen.

Jump Game

This game is the classic game where you need to jump the rocks that are coming to survive!

Christmas Sketch

If you want to hung up a brilliant lights to your Christmas tree, well this sketch is for you!

Heads Or Tails?

You won’t to make decisions? Let KeyChainino do it for you with the new HeadsOrTails sketch!


Lamp Sketches:

  • Flash light: blink all the LEDs. Useful for example when you ride your bike.
  • Lamp timer: press the two buttons and all the LEDs will turn on for 5 seconds.
  • Lamp button: press the two buttons to light up all the LEDs. Press one of the two buttons to turn off the light.

Dice Game 2

This is a wonderful game originally made by Hersh Burston and then improved by Frederic Ivsic

More Games/Sketch are coming…